Benefits of Working On-Campus

Working on-campus is the perfect way to gain job experience without sacrificing your dedication to school. Most students have to hold down at least a part-time job while they go to school so why not make it as easy as possible for you and apply to work on-campus? SSU has tons of employment options for students that allow you to gain work experience and develop skills all while keeping your focus on your education.

When working on-campus, you get:

  • Flexibility with your school schedule: Employers know that school comes first and are therefore willing to schedule your work around your classes.
  • The opportunity to learn new skills: Working in an office or leadership position gives you the chance to learn things that you can only learn on the job. Boost your resume/LinkedIn profile with a whole new set of skills.
  • Convenience: Go straight from class to work or straight from work to class. There's no commute, just a quick stroll across campus.
  • A network of contacts: We're a close knit school and by becoming part of our working community you can gain an invaluable number of mentors and friends.

There are several jobs hiring right now with the Entrepreneurial Activities and Campus Life departments. Check out this page now to apply!