Best Apps for Students

We're basically always on our phones so we might as well download some apps that could actually be useful, right? Here are a few of our favorites:

You probably took a language class at some point but if you haven't kept up with your practice, your skills have probably suffered. DuoLingo is a free and easy way to either bump up your current knowledge of a foreign language or even learn a brand new language entirely. The app itself is easy to use and looks really good. Play games and learn a language. You can't really beat it.

This one is already pretty popular but in case you don't have it downloaded yet let me explain the glory that is Venmo. We've all been out to dinner with friends and forget to have separate checks then when the bill comes and no one has cash either one person ends up paying for dinner and then you have to figure out how to pay them back or you have the bill split and make the wait staff hate you. Venmo makes it so that you can pay people back immediately, out of your pocket and into theirs. You can also charge people (which is especially helpful if you have a roommate who always forgets to pay bills on time).

Here's another financial app for you. Mint can help you budget your money and see exactly where every dollar you spend is going. Trust me, you don't realize how much money you spend on takeout food until you have an app telling you just how much you've gone over your allotted budget. It's particularly perfect for people who always use their debit card!

There are a ton of list apps out there but I really think this one comes out on top. You can set tasks for yourself, or you can create a team and set tasks for lots of people (perfect for group projects).

Everyone loves Target, we know this. So what better than an app that lets you save money at a store you already spend too much money at? Just grab your items, scan them to find out if there is a digital coupon available for them, and save some money. All without having to clip coupons!

If you haven't made a LinkedIn profile yet, do it now. Then go download the app. This networking site isn't going anywhere so upload your resume, keep an eye out for the perfect job, and connect with people who can help you in your career!

So what apps can you not live without? Let us know in the comments!