Try Classes Outside of Your Major

For a while, college was a time of exploration where you could take a bunch of classes to figure out what you like before you commit to one course of study. Things are a little different now. High school juniors and seniors are often told to decide what they want to study in college so they can apply to the best schools for them and then as soon as they get in they work through their GE classes until they get into their major classes and start putting the hours and effort into something that they may not even love as much as they thought they did two or three years before.

Sure, there are time constraints to certain paths. You don't want to spend seven years getting your Bachelor's degree because you were taking too many courses that didn't count for anything towards your actual degree but if you are unsure what you want to be doing, TRY NEW STUFF! Take some time when you are creating your schedule for the semester and sign up for all the classes that you absolutely have to get out of the way. Do you still have some units left over that you could take? How about signing up for that science class that you always thought sounded cool? Or have you always wanted to take a business class just so you know a little something before entering the work world? Are you still working on your GE classes but think you know what you want to major in? Try a GE class that is completely new to you (like an astronomy class when you're planning to be an English major, you never know what you'll fall in love with!)

Not everyone gets the chance to take classes outside of their major but if you get the opportunity, take it! You'll learn something new that you could actually end up using to pad your resume or you may find a new study that you never thought you'd enjoy!

What's the best class that you've ever taken outside of your major?