What to Binge on Netflix this Break

Classes are done. Finals are over. Now what do you do? We suggest you settle down on the couch (or in bed), grab some snacks and get ready to hit "next episode" for the rest of break.

Jessica Jones
The newest addition to the Marvel universe is filled with dark twists and turns. Jessica Jones is a private investigator trying to come to terms with her past and stop the evil that's been done to her happening to anyone else. Watch with a friend if you can, Kilgrave is a whole new level of creepy villain.

Master of None
Did you know Aziz Ansari performed here at Sonoma State a few years back? He's hilarious and kind and now has an amazing new Netflix original. It's witty, clever, funny and everything you would expect from Aziz.

How to Get Away with Murder
If Viola Davis is at the head of a show, you're pretty much guaranteed it's gonna be good. When she chooses the best and the brightest from her class to assist with cases at her law firm, things start to get really interesting.

Parks and Recreation
If there is anyone out there who hasn't watched Parks and Recreation yet, this is your personal invitation to do so. Amy Poehler leads this ragtag group of civil servants as they just try to build a park. All they want to do is build a park!

So these are our suggestions for you, what are your suggestions for us? What should we be watching this winter break? Let us know in the comments below!