Save Money: The Easy Way

Who wouldn't love to have a little bit more money in their life? But saving money is HARD. Budgeting can be unrealistic for some people because it can be tough to follow every single dime that leaves your wallet (although, that's definitely still the best way to save cash). Sometimes you just want to buy yourself that shirt that you totally don't need but you really, really want. We've got some tips for you to save money without going crazy:

Use cash
Handing over cash is much harder to do than using your debit or credit card. It'll also help you manage how much your spending. So make a list, price out about what your purchase will cost and head to the ATM before going to Target (or wherever else you get sucked into spending way more money than you should).

Save every $5 bill you get
Feel free to alter this to save whatever denomination bill you'd like but I promise this works. When you're using cash, you're going to get change so put a spending ban on using $5 bills. Stick em out of sight and before long you'll have a nice little jar of savings.

Treat Yourself
It's never a good idea to just completely ban yourself from buying stuff because we all know that ends in a regretful 3 AM Amazing shopping spree. Treat yourself every so often and remember that by taking care of your finances now, it'll be easier to do the same twenty years from now. You should probably skip out on the everyday Starbucks habit but once every couple of weeks will make it a real treat.

Make lists
It's really easy to go grocery shopping and get distracted by every item you see. By meal-planning, making a list, and sticking to it, you'll probably end up eating better and you'll definitely save some money. It only takes a couple of minutes worth of planning and it's well worth it.

What easy tips do you have for saving money? Let us know in the comments!