Stick To Your Resolutions

No matter what your resolutions are this year there are a couple of things that you can do to make it really easy to stick to them.

Write em down, keep em visible
At the very least you need to write your resolutions down. It gives you a level of commitment that you won't get if you just think about them from time to time. If you really want to stick to them, make sure you keep them somewhere visible (like sticking them to your mirror) so you're reminded of them every day.

Are you hoping to pay off your debt this year? Want to work out three times a week? Picture yourself at the end of the year having done exactly what you set out to do. Doesn't it feel great? Hold on to that feeling when the year gets rough.

Keep your spirits up
Reminding yourself that you are making these changes not because there is something wrong but that things could be better will keep you in a positive mindset. Don't insult yourself or get down if you mess up, it happens. Pick yourself up and start fresh the next day.

Don't be afraid to change plans
So many people see themselves as a failure if they don't follow through with their resolutions. You're definitely not. If things aren't working out, then change something. Maybe your resolution was unrealistic or you realize in February that you just don't like it, that's totally fine!