How To Survive Finals Week

Finals Week kicks off tomorrow...I know, I know. But you can get through this! You can get a list of all of the studying/taking a break from studying events that are happening here. Now there are some things that you should do besides shoving your nose in the books:

Take Breaks
Reward yourself with a break from studying every couple hours (or however frequently works for you). There's a point where your brain is going to stop taking in any new information so give yourself a chance to take a breather.

Eat as Well as You Can
When you're tired, grumpy, and stressed all you want to eat is sugar, caffeine, and carbs but try to keep your diet as balanced as possible. Extra points if you make time to workout too. You can't beat a little boxing workout to rid you of that studying frustration.

Go Outside
With the rain kicking up, you can't really sit outside to study but switching up locations could be helpful. Try studying in the library, the student center, your dorm, wherever to keep you from feeling too claustrophobic.

Sleep tends to be the first thing to go when the stress of finals hits. If you can't get a good night's sleep, make sure you at least take some energizing naps. Check out how long of a nap you should take with this infographic.

Talk to People
Seriously. Go grab a coffee with your friend, have a study party at your house, whatever works. Your books are not good company.

What tips do you want to share with your other Seawolves? Let us know in the comments!