Students get jiggy in Jello War

Written By: Ashley Martin, Staff Writer Sonoma State STAR

Sunbathing, swimming, playing outdoor sports and planting oneself in front of a fan are all typical things one might see a Sonoma State University student do on a warm Friday afternoon. 

But something not all students knew is  they could have been cooling off in a rather unconventional way on the Sauvignon Green, by throwing cherry-flavored jello at their fellow Seawolves.

The rather odd event took place at 4 p.m., and those who showed up arrived to an unusual scene: Three kid pools filled with red cherry jello and a slip-and-slide covered with the delicious snack.

Residential Hall Community Service Adviser Ricky Calderon and Jonathan Gomez put on the event, which seemed quite popular among the students. 

“I’ve never heard of a school actually throwing an event like this,” said freshman Holly Unace. “It’s so cool we have the type of college that supports its students going crazy once in a while.”

The event was accompanied by free pizza for those who participated, and served as quite the spectacle for witnesses. 

One family who was visiting their daughter on campus walked by and expressed surprise to see students throwing and drenching people with jello.

“We certainly didn’t do this in school when I was younger,” said Howard Feeson, a parent at  the scene. “It’s nice to get a glimpse of what happens on campus. College shouldn’t be all about constant schoolwork and academics.”

Once told to start the event, students didn’t hold back. Complete strangers picked up handfuls of slimy jello to toss in each other’s faces. The slip-and-slide was put to good use, as students would pick a buddy to slide with, ultimately coloring everyone’s clothing bright red. 

Not all were up for the messy Jello War, so the event certainly had an audience on the sidelines. Many came out on their balconies to watch as well, as it’s no typical day that jello is used as a recreational tool.

One STAR staff writer couldn’t help but dunk her feet into the slushy pit of gelatin herself.

It was obvious the Residential Hall advisers worked hard to put on this event. It took a lot of planning and many hours of jello cooking to produce so many gallons of a treat mostly seen in hospitals and old folks homes.

“These events are important for campus because it’s a way for students to get to know people out of their usual communities,” said Zinfandel Community Service Adviser Maddie McKean. “It’s a fun way to take a break from academics.”

A fair amount of people showed up, with about 30 students who actually participated in the jello shenanigans with approximately 20 students, and advisers watching the chaos from the sidelines. 

As for the red grass now on the Sauvignon Green, the jello was biodegradable and will not harm the environment in any way.

With final exams and end-of-the-semester projects quickly approaching, it’s important for students to limit their stress. Residential Hall advisers are huge resources to students. Not only will they help out with personal problems about school or suitemates, but they also throw community events to unify those who live on campus. Events like this one are what makes Sonoma State truly a special place to live.