5 Tips for Having the Best Orientation

Orientation is the kick off to your time here at Sonoma State so be sure to follow these tips to make the best of it!

1. Ask questions
Everyone in your group is a brand new Seawolf...just like you! If you have a question that comes up, it's likely that a lot of other people have the same question so don't be afraid to ask. You'll end up helping not just you but your group mates too.

2. Reach out to people
Orientation is the perfect time to introduce yourself to everyone around you. You're going to be spending the next four years with these people so make as many friends as possible to have on your side!

3. Use your Orientation Leader as a resource
Your Orientation Leader is a current student at Sonoma State so take advantage of that knowledge! They aren't just there to help you play games, they want to make sure that you have the best start possible at Sonoma State and they are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

4. Wander the campus
Your orientation group will go on a tour of the campus but take some downtime and wander around yourself. Keep an eye out for some study spots, take a look through the buildings to find your classrooms, find shortcuts, etc.

5. Get prepared
Take your time on campus to get everything in order. Make sure all of your forms and papers are turned in, email anyone you need to email, etc. Getting these tasks out of the way now will make for an easier transition come Move In Weekend.