Dorm Room Decorations

Moving to college is exciting, terrifying, difficult, all of the above and then some. But one of the best bits about moving away is getting to have your own space. While decoration can be a little bit limited when it comes to the dorms that doesn't mean that you can't make the most of it! We ran a contest last semester looking for the best decorated dorms on campus and found some amazing ones!

Conversation is Crucial

If you're sharing a space, have a chat with your roommate about how you guys want to decorate your room. It has to be a style that you are both comfortable with and will enjoy living in so be sure to communicate. Though don't be afraid to have two different styles in one dorm, you'd be surprised how well that can work out!

Don't Forget Your Desk!

Oftentimes we spend so much time picking out the perfect bedding or brand new storage that we forget to get desk accessories. You're going to be spending a lot of time (and late nights) at that desk so make sure it's a creative space.

Save Whenever Possible

You won't be in the dorms long and you might decide halfway through the year that you're style has completely changed. Don't worry, you can redecorate! Make sure that you don't spend a ton of money on your decorating and spend it on other things that make college great (like trips with your friends)!

Pinterest Is Your Friend

If you haven't already, start a Pinterest board to house all of your different decoration ideas so you are never left trying to remember how to fold your shirt in a way that gives you the most space.

What are you most looking forward to about living in the dorms? Let us know in the comments!