What is a Seawolf? Who is Lobo?

There are wolves that live in the sea?
Wait, are seawolves real?
What's a seawolf?

Allow us to introduce you to the three most common questions you will hear after announcing that you are a Sonoma State Seawolf. Here's a little background for you:

Up until 2002 we were the Sonoma State Cossacks. In 2001 a vote was taken by the Associated Students and Academic Senate to change the mascot to something other than a human group. The possibilities were narrowed down to 8 options and, after hearing from the campus community and the university President, the Seawolves were chosen. Our mascot is a nod to a novel by local author Jack London, The Sea-Wolf. At the campus library you can find the Jack London collection which holds a first edition copy of every Jack London novel and more from the author.

Our Seawolf mascot is named Lobo, which is Spanish for "wolf". We love Lobo so much we even named our campus pub after him. You'll be able to see and snap a picture with Lobo at tons of on-campus events and athletics games. You might even find him strolling around at Orientation.

So now, new Seawolves, you know the story. Go forth and be ready to answer the same questions for the next four years.