5 Tips for Making Friends in College

College immediately gets better when you have a group of supportive people to help you through it. The first couple weeks are the best time to go around and introduce yourself because, let's be real, everyone wants new friends. Here are our tips:

Join a Club
There are so many clubs and groups on campus that you can join. Conversation should be easy because you already have a shared interest with the people in the club. Hop over to the CSLIS webpage to learn more about how you can get involved here.

Get an On-Campus Job
All of us here at Seawolf Living are big fans of on-campus jobs because your commute is really easy when it's just a ten minute walk from your doorstep. Getting a job on campus pretty much guarantees that you'll meet new Seawolves, not to mention gaining some great work experience. You can check out the Career Services webpage to see the listings for available on-campus positions here.

Introduce Yourself to at Least One Person in Each Class
With most classes being relatively small, by the end of the year you will know most of the people in your classes so why not start off the semester right and introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you?

Go to Events
This is where we come in. We want to help our Seawolves get involved and meet new people and an easy way to do that is to just go to one of the campus wide events that happen throughout the year. We recommend Big Nite which is coming up on August 23rd! Don't be afraid to go to events alone, you can always find someone to hang out with!

Invite Someone to Join You
If you're in The Kitchens enjoying breakfast and see someone at the end of the table also sitting by themselves, invite them to join you! They are obviously in the same position as you so why not be the one who initiates the conversation? It can be a little awkward at first but, we promise, it's worth it!