Meal Plan Info

If you are a first time Freshman living on-campus here at Sonoma State then you have an Unlimited Meal Plan. That means that during the school year you have unlimited access to The Kitchens in the Student Center. That's right, so long as The Kitchens is open you can go get food. The Kitchens will always have something new for you to try so you don't have to worry about eating the same thing every day. Though, in case you do want to grab something from another on-campus dining venue, the Unlimited Meal Plan also includes $50 in Dining Dollars which can be used at the other on-campus venues (except Overlook and Prelude). These dollars do expire at the end of the semester so make sure you use them while you have them!

The Kitchens has many stations such as Flame, Passport, Slice and more, which all have different food for you to try. Some things will be there every day, like pizza and burgers, and then there will be specials that change frequently so you can try something new! There are also lots of options for people with dietary restrictions like meat-free and gluten-free.

Are you not a Freshman but interested in getting yourself a meal plan? They're perfect if you're on-campus all the time and with all of the different options you can find one that's perfect for your schedule! Head over to the dining website to learn more.

Bon Appetit, Seawolves!