Dorm Room Decoration Trends

We've already shared a few tips to decorate your dorm room (including photos of some of the best ones on campus), but what about some trends for 2015? If you already have a vision of what you want your dorm room to look like then go forth and decorate but if you are a little on the fence take a look at some of these suggestions and go from there!

Coordinate, Coordinate, Coordinate
There is something satisfying about having a room filled with decor that matches. (Personally, we blame Pinterest for that one.) Pick your favorite color and then let that dictate what you buy. Have a favorite place, like Paris or the beach? Decorate your room in a style that reminds you of where you're most happy with an Eiffel Tower poster or faded wooden signs. Got a favorite sports team? Go all out with their colors.

Add a Little Life
Plants have been all over interior design magazines for the past few months. Thanks to the drought that California is currently working through, succulents are at the top of the list for must-have plants. Thanks to being extremely low maintenance they are perfect for dorm rooms. Grab some friends for a trip to Ikea where you can find inexpensive plants (both real and fake) and adorable containers to house them in.

Make it Personal
This is one of those trends that will never go out of style. Make it your own! Put up pictures from Orientation or your first memories here at Sonoma. Put up a chalkboard so you and roommates can leave notes for each other when you're too busy running to class to actually see each other. Take a weekend and make a blanket out of all of those old t-shirts that you never wear anymore. (You can find a simple no-sew version here.) Take the time to really make your room feel like home and before long it will be.

Keep it Minimal
Another big trend in the design world is to keep things simple and clean. Do you feel more comfortable in a space with only the bare essentials? With how popular this style is, it's easy to find pieces for your dorm room that are functional but spare.