Tips for Living with a Roommate

For the first-time freshmen out there, this might be your first time sharing your room. At first, it can be a little weird but we've put together a few tips to help you get through.

This is tip number 1 for a reason. Talking to your roommate will probably end up solving most of your problems and if it doesn't solve them, it can at least allow you to see each other's point of view. Your dorm is a space that you'll be sharing so be willing to talk things out to make sure that everyone is happy! Don't forget to reach out to your new roommate before the semester begins. Facebook is perfect for that!

Don't Expect Things
Expecting your roommate to always be the one to clean or refill the printer cartridges will probably just end in disappointment. You could of course get the super roommate who does all of these things and then some but it's better to go into the living situation knowing who is responsible for what.

Figure Out the Sleeping Schedule
College time tends to come with late nights. Take a few minutes to decide on things like when the lights will get turned off and what time guests can be expected to leave. If you have an 8 AM class, you don't want to be trying to get to sleep while your roommate is up playing video games all night so talk it out and figure out some ground rules.

Respect Each Other's Space
This can be as simple as not leaving your dirty clothes on their side of the room or just appreciating a comfortable silence. It's hard to live with a roommate because you don't get a ton of alone time. Don't feel pressured to always go out and do things. While it's nice to invite your roommate out, respect their choice if they decide to stay in that night.

Compromise is Key
All of these lead to the practice of compromise. You won't always get your perfect situation and neither will your roommate but that's okay! As long as everyone feels happy and safe, that's the important thing so be ready to make some compromises to help that happen. And if you ever have issues don't be afraid to go to your CSA for help!