What Should I Bring to Move In?

If you are a first-time freshman moving out of your parents' house and into the dorms, it can be a little frustrating. What do you need to bring? How will it all fit? Should you just bring the essentials and then pick up what you need throughout the year? Let us help! Housing has put together a handy list to help you on your packing and moving adventure, which you can check out below or here.

If it's money that you're more concerned about, take a second to compile your own list of the things that you really need and then a list of things that you'd like to have. Go through and get everything on the first list and then, a couple weeks into the semester when all of the dorm decor and items are on sale, head out to the store to pick up the things from the second list. You'll save a little bit of money but still get everything you'd like.

Pay close attention to what not to bring too. There's a list for that as well. Since you are going to be living on-campus there are some rules and regulations to pay attention too as well, you can see those here.

It can be stressful to move, especially when you're going away for college. But I promise, when you are surrounded by all of your friends all the time, it'll be worth it! We'll see you at Move In Weekend!