How to Have A Job, Get Good Grades, and Have a Social Life

Organization is key to being at all successful at a college student. Whether it's color coding your notes, have a separate binder for each class, or something else that works best for you, it's important to make sure that you do what you can to keep your life straight. Scheduling is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to make sure that you can have a job, get good grades and even have a social life. Yes, it's possible to have all three.

Online calendars are your friend
Using an online calendar (like Google's) that you can access on your computer or your phone is the easiest way to start scheduling. Just pop in the times for your classes and other non-negotiables. We also recommend having separate colors of events (one color for classes, one color for work, etc.) so you can have an idea of where you should be with just a glance.

Share your calendars
Another bonus to using online calendars means that you can share yours with your friends. That way they always know when you're at work or in class and can't hang out or when you're free and can go do something fun!

Figure out what you need to do
One of the hardest parts of scheduling is figuring out what you absolutely need to do and what you just want to do. This will be different for everyone. Maybe you have to go on a run at least once a week in order to stay happy and feel good, so schedule it in and treat it like a class. Don't miss it. Are you more of an introvert who needs to make sure that you have time to yourself to recharge? Don't be afraid to schedule in time where you just hang out in your room and read.

Schedule in time for spontaneity
Here us out: life would be really boring if you scheduled out every single thing you do and stuck only to your calendar so when it's appropriate do something spontaneous. Have a whole day off but want to do something with friends? Hop in the car and see where you end up! Just as it's important to stick to your schedule to get things done, it's important to give yourself time to be spontaneous.

What do you do to stay organized at school?