Share the Road, Arrive Alive

Each year, injury collisions and fatal collisions involving pedestrians and bicyclists account for many of the traffic accidents in and around campus.  In many instances, lack of knowledge of the basic pedestrian and bicycle laws are contributing factors.  SSU Police and Safety Services is committed to working with our community to maintain the safe learning and working environment we all enjoy.

Fall is here and it is a time that many people enjoy biking and walking around our beautiful campus.  Some of the safety issues we have seen and had to cite riders for, include:

Failing to stop at street lights or stop signs (bicyclists are considered vehicles not pedestrians)

Riding against the flow of traffic

Not having at least one hand on the bicycle handlebars

Riding at night without lights or reflectors

To prevent as many accidents as possible SSU Police and Safety Services is implementing the “Share the Road, Arrive Alive” campaign from August 30 to September 12, 2015.  The campaign focuses on preventing pedestrian and bicycle-related accidents through “Engineering, Education, and Enforcement.” 

This is also a good time to mention the new Dismount Zones that can be located throughout the SSU campus.  Some locations include the Seawolf Plaza, McCabe Plaza, and selected breezeways.  It is important to note there are signs placed up in these areas and failing to dismount may be subject to citation pursuant to 21113(g) CVC and 2001-3(a)(5) of the SSU code.  The fine for a Dismount Zone violation is $115 that is payable through the County of Sonoma Traffic Court.

Additionally, Police and Safety Services is partnering with the STAR newspaper, Recreation Center Bicycle Maintenance Program, and Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety.  At points during the campaign, we will be providing:

Information through tabling highlighting bicycle and pedestrian best practices and safety laws

Bicycle registrations

Minor bike repairs/maintenance

Police and Safety Services is partnering with the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety to assist with the enforcement of bicycle and pedestrian law violations occurring on and around our campus.  Finally, the Police Services website has been updated with bicycle and pedestrian helpful tips, best practices, and safety laws.

Please feel free to call Police Services or Officer Wilde with any questions regarding the Share the Road, Arrive Alive campaign at 707-664-4444.