JUMP gears up for sixth Sonoma Serves

Written By: Samuel Davis, Staff Writer Sonoma State STAR

The JUMP organization will hold its sixth annual Sonoma Serves project where approximately 650 students will join together for a day of service in the community. Sonoma Serves will be held on October 17. Students will check in at the Seawolf Plaza at 7:45 a.m., and the event will go until 3 p.m. The JUMP organization is a student-run, community service organization that has a main goal to benefit other students. Sonoma Serves is a great way to give back to our community. 

“October is one of our busiest months. Our largest one day service project is Sonoma Serves. It is a really great opportunity for us as students to give back to our community that we call home for the next couple of years. We had 650 students register last year. We also teamed up with 25 other community partners. It’s really a great experience for students to get involved in,” said one of the leaders of the JUMP organization Morgan Ayache.

The JUMP team’s main goal for Sonoma Serves is to focus on multiple aspects of the community. The JUMP groups will be helping out at local food banks, animal shelters, the Sonoma State garden and local beaches.

If one wants to attend Sonoma Serves, they don’t have to do it as an individual. “You can have one of your friends register as a team captain and choose a team name. Everyone else that wants to be on your team can just add as an individual on the team,” said Ayache. As soon as the team is created, friends can join the team through a shareable link. “It’s a great opportunity to hangout with your friends or meet new people.  But you can also register as an individual and be placed on a random team. That’s how many people have gotten started with JUMP,” said Ayache.     

This is also a great way for fraternities and sororities to give a helping hand. That is exactly how junior Kaitlyn Fleming got involved with JUMP and now she is a troop leader with them. 

“It’s a great way for clubs and organizations to get involved.  I went with my sorority last year, and I signed up as a team captain,” said Fleming. “Three of my sorority sisters went together.  We had a great bonding experience, just by working and giving back to our community. It was a great time we, and met a lot of new people.”   

To be apart of Sonoma Serves go to https://orgsync.com/24664/forms/96981 or contact ssu.jump@gmail.com for information of signing up.