Preview: Involvement and Service Fair

Writer: Lawrence Ricardo, Staff Writer Sonoma State STAR

As new Seawolves wrap up the first week at their new home, the process of finding a good balance between school, sleep, good nutrition and social life begins. The Center for Student Leadership, Involvement & Service (CSLIS), Join Us Making Progress (JUMP) and the Center for Community Engagement and Career Services welcome all students as they sponser the yearly Involvement and Service Fair on September 8 at the Seawolf Plaza. Between the hours of 11:30am and 1:00pm, students are encouraged to come browse throughdifferent organizations the students and school have to offer. 

The integration of school-run organizations and student-led clubs allow for anyone to find their own niche within the student body. Marina Briones, senior and current trip-leader for JUMP’s Alternative Spring Break said, “It’s a new chance for several students on campus to find that special place they feel they belong.”

Not only is it a good event for the prospective new members, but it is great publicity for clubs. B Natural (The Seawolf Singers), one of the participating clubs at the event, recruits members every year who are interested in the love of arts and performance but don’t necessarily have the time or resources to major in music or theatre. “I hope that the involvement fair will help B Natural gain a little more notoriety and support on the campus,” said Margaret Hawkins, current president of B Natural. While it is primarily an event for clubs to find potential new members, Hawkins sees value in other ways. “I also hope that it helps B Natural connect with other groups within the community to potentially collaborate with in the future.”

Not only is the event geared towards club members, but it also helps to employ students who are looking for work within the student body. Associated Student Productions (ASP) will be at the event to recruit students who are interested in event planning on campus. 

Most recently, ASP put on the back to school event, Big Nite. JUMP will also lend their time to recruit individuals looking to make an impact in the local community. Alternative Spring Break, one of the JUMP programs, takes place during Sonoma State’s Spring Break, and brings students out to surrounding areas to learn and enrich themselves with different global issues. “What better way to recruit people interested in community service than the involvement fair?”, Briones questioned.

 Students can take advantage of the free food. Culinary Services and Sonoma State Enterprises teamed up to provide hot dog lunches as the students journey through the different display tables. “Our school definitely knows the way to a student’s heart: free food,” saidShaitra Ken, a graduating senior. 

Ken has had her fair share of involvement at our university including being apart of The executive board of Black Scholars United (BSU), the step team called The Tribe, acting in Facing Our Truth and even studying abroad for a year in Spain. Now she currently works for the HUB which focuses on fostering a campus environment of mutual respect and appreciation for underrepresented students and groups.

The Involvement Fair has something for everyone and will take place on September 8 from 11:30am to 1:00pm in the Seawolf Plaza.