Midnite Madness introduces Seawolf Athletics

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We all know that Sonoma State University lacks a football team, which is often the core of any college, but who’s to say that Sonoma State can’t have just as much school spirit as any other school? 

Every year the Student Athlete Advisory Committee along with Associated Students Productions organizes Midnite Madness, an event held in the Sonoma State gymnasium. This event is essentially a kick off for the seasons of the Sonoma State men’s and women’s basketball teams. Everyone is welcome and the more students that can attend is highly encouraged. 

Members of each athletic team on campus attend and are introduced to the crowd throughout the night by two MCs who are Sonoma State students. 

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee, the Associated Students Productions and the Midnite Madness Committee’s goal for the event was to bring students and student athletes together to create excitement and school spirit for the upcoming basketball season, and other sports seasons. 

Every year these organizations plan to create an even more successful night than they had previously by adding new performances and surprises. “I must say Midnite Madness was a complete success this year. The committee and I were skeptical about attendance considering the event was held on a weekend and it had been raining," said junior Mariann Bukich. "Despite the rain, we still managed to attract a large crowd, which was one of our main goals. I believe that adding a DJ to the event really helped to energize the crowd and made the event very lively.” 

"Something I believe we could improve for next year is to ensure that we put more emphasis on the steps taken leading up to the event. For example, tabling and creating more awareness about the event can really help to increase the amount of students that attend,” Bukich said. 

One of the most exciting additions to Midnite Madness was the “free tuition shot”  taking place at the end of the event. Students enter a raffle and if they are chosen they have the chance to make one shot in the basketball hoop in the hopesthey will win a semester of free tuition. 

“One of the ‘goals’ of SAAC was to continue the partnership with ASP and Programming to put on Midnite Madness. 

"It’s been a great relationship and we look forward to working with them on this event every year.  For all three groups, we wanted to keep the event free.  The Midnite Madness Committee wanted to change a few things up for this year’s event,” said Assistant Athletics Director and Senior Women’s Administrator Shannon Percell. 

“Our plan was to have a pre-celebration outdoors in the Stevenson Quad with a DJ and fun giveaways.  Another change the group has made this year is bringing in a DJ rather than a dunk squad. Our basketball team has some guys that can dunk so we are going to showcase their talents and add some music from the DJ for a fresh look to Midnite Madness,” Percell said.

Along with a DJ and the free tuition shot at the end of the event, Midnite Madness also features the members of the men’s basketball team dunking, relay races, a performance by the Sonoma State Sapphires and cheer team, and finally a dance competition between students who are randomly chosen from the crowd. Each of these events bring excitement to the crowd and help create a memorable night for all who attend.

“Midnite Madness has always been one of my favorite events to go to during the year with it’s fun activities and involvement with both the sports teams and student body. Seeing each year get better and better it was only fitting on my senior year that this was my favorite of all the years I’ve been here,” said Sonoma State student athlete Jordyn Kearny. “Everything about this event is my favorite due to the continuous support from everyone who goes.” 

Written By: Karlee Budge

Posted On: Sonoma State Star