Top 5 Tips: Simple Ways to Save Your Health, Money, and Your Planet

Happy Sustainability Week! Here are 5 tips to save your health, money and the planet!

1. Be a Smart Consumer

If you don't buy it they won't sell it. Buy products in bulk and use Tupperware. Avoid take-out boxes.

2. Turn off the water during your shower

Everyone likes a long hot shower, but by turning the water off when its not being used you can still enjoy taking your time and not waste unnecessary water. (This tip also applies to brushing your teeth, washing your hands, and washing dishes!)

3. Get a Reusable Bottle

Replace single-use plastic water bottles once and for all! Did you know it takes 3 liters of water to bottle just 1 liter of water? Plus 71 million barrels of oil are wasted each year just to produce and transport the amount of plastic water bottles Americans consume.

4. Go Local

Go Local is a network of locally-owned businesses, residents, non-profit organizations, and government agencies here in Sonoma County who support our local economy and promote sustainable practices. Around here we are spoiled with options of places to eat out and stores to shop at so why not take advantage of it.

5. Turn off the Lights

This may seem like a fairly obvious thing to do, but I definitely catch myself leaving unnecessary lights on even when I am home. Though it is a simple habit to fix your extra effort could save you money on your next energy bill.

This content is a condensed version of a blogpost previously posted on the Center for Community Engagement’s website. For the full post click here.