Stress Less @ Campus Rec

The end of the semester is a bittersweet time. You’re excited your classes are coming to an end, but…. That means there’s…. FINALS. With finals comes stress, and lots of it! Campus Rec has some ways to help manage your stress!

1. November 28th through December 8th our inMotion program is offering FREE Deep Stretch and Yoga classes:

 Tues. & Thurs.  8am-9am with Amaijah in Niagara

Tues. & Thurs. 12:15pm-1:15pm with Nina in Niagara

Mon. & Weds. 7:15pm-8:15pm with Nicole in Niagara


2. Book a Massage to help you relax and refocus!

We have really great prices and booking an appointment is easy – just head over to our front desk! More info here.


3. Get a workout in!

A great way to get rid of your stress is by sweating it out. Take a study break and come visit the fitness center.


4. Visit our Spa!

Located in between the locker rooms, our spa is a great way to soak away your essay and test worries.

Written By: Meghan Hill | Campus Recreation