How to Throw an Election Party

Even though this election is surely going to be stressful, a party is a party! Grab all your party people and host an election viewing party, courteous to both sides! Here's what you need to make the perfect night.


Decorations found at  Party City.

Decorations found at Party City.

Go all out with the red, blue, and white decor! Arrange bunches of festive balloons, American flags, presidential banners, streamers, and party hats all over the party space.

Patriotic Food

Stock up on snacks for your guests. Here's some super easy and patriotic recipes to make!

Red, White and Blue Popcorn

Patriotic Chips

Find Chips at your local Grocery Store.

Find Chips at your local Grocery Store.

Make Sure Your Screen Works

Double check the day before your screen works! Can't watch the election if you don't have a screen.

And remember: Being busy party-planning is no excuse not to VOTE on Tuesday!

Election night parties are fun and historical. Make it a night to remember with good food, fun decor, and great friends!


Written By: Aubrey Anzelmo | Seawolf Living