5 Things You Might Not Know About the Rec Center…

1.    The climbing wall is free for all students!

They have free climbing clinics each semester to help all levels and have a number of climbing competitions each semester. Bring your friends and have a fun night at the climbing wall! More info here.

2.    The Outdoor Resource Center has so many rentals for your next adventure on a college budget!

When you walk in the door of the Rec, turn to the left and you’ll see the sign. They also offer Bike Mechanic services. Come check it out and get some inspiration for your next trip! More info here.

3.    inMotion workout classes are a great workout and super affordable!

Classes are $3-$4 for a drop-in pass, $25 for a session pass and $44 for a total semester class pass. If you were to buy a total class pass and then go to 3 inMotion classes a week it would be less than a dollar for each!! Less money coming out of your pocket, AND a fun workout? Sign me up! More info here.

4.    There are Personal Trainers!

The Rec currently has 4 personal trainers who are here to help. Prices start at $90 for 3 buddy/group sessions and $75 for one-on-one training! Let them help you start your fitness journey or give you some new workouts to switch up your routine. More info here.

5.    Intramurals are fun for spectators too!

This season the Rec has Volleyball, Basketball and Dodgeball! Need a study break? With the opening of Mt. Everest Gym, bring your friends and come watch Intramural teams duke it out. More info here.


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Written By: Meghan Hill | Campus Recreation