Drew's Reviews: The Maple Bar

It’s an interesting time in the semester. This lull in productivity is what pushed me to review a subtle treat that keeps me grounded. It’s a maple bar and it can be found at Toast. What’s Toast? It’s a building in the plaza between Stevenson and Darwin that has saved me from hunger multiple times. There are countless tasty treats and a variety of scantrons that can be found here, but today I focused on the maple bar.

I like this donut because it is one of the larger choices on campus. It is lightly glazed in a frosting that exudes a rich Canadian maple scent. It’s appearance is often overlooked because of its humble disposition, but give this donut a chance. When paired with a warm coffee it can turn your morning from “Aghh” to “Yahh”. This donut is a workhorse, it gets the job done. Share one with a friend, family member, or tinder date. You’ll be glad you did!

Written By: Andrew DeSantis | Seawolf Living