You Could Be a Part of the Seawolf Commitment Video

We are looking for Seawolves who want to be a part of a video project to share your own stories and thoughts about how you relate to the Seawolf Commitment.

Please submit a couple sentence responses to each of the questions below by email to by Wednesday, November 30, 2016 (extended deadline). By sharing your stories you are entered to win a $25 WolfBucks gift card as well as a chance to be featured on our newest Seawolf Commitment promotional piece! Please note a submission means you will be ok being on video if selected.

Submit the Following:

1.       Name and major

2.       Involvements On-Campus

3.       What specific word from Seawolf Commitment (integrity, excellence, respect or responsibility) resonates most with you and why? 

4.       How do you think the Seawolf Commitment enhances our SSU community?

5.       Describe an example of how you use the Seawolf Commitment in your interactions with others?

The Seawolf Commitment:

As a Seawolf I will conduct myself with integrity with my dealings with my students, faculty, and staff.
As a Seawolf I will strive for excellence in my work and relationships.
As a Seawolf I will respect the rights and dignity of others.
As a Seawolf I have the responsibility to be an ethical member of the community.

It’s about integrity, excellence, respect, responsibility.

Sonoma State is committed to creating a community in which bias and intolerance have no place. It is our hope that all faculty, students, and staff hold each other accountable to the values of a Seawolf.