How to Give Back This Holiday Season

Amidst the season of spending way too much time and money searching for gifts, it's hard to spare a second to think of those that can't afford an extravagant Holiday celebration. Whether you celebrate the Holidays or not, symbolically it represents a season of giving. Here are some ways to give back this season!

Anonymous Giving

Celebrate the season of giving by dropping off presents anonymously! Operation Christmas Child is a great program which you can fill a shoe-box full of gifts or necessities for a child in need. Another idea for giving gifts is to grab some food or water and drop it off at a homeless shelter!

Random Acts of Kindness

Give the gift of kindness! Stop and hold the door for someone passing through, buy the person's Starbucks behind you, or donate extra or unwanted food to the local food bank. These random acts of kindness are sure to make someones day.

Over Tip

Think of all those who have to work instead of spending time with their family. Tipping is always necessary however, leave a few extra bucks to show you really appreciate their service!


Donate your time to the local food bank! Grab your friends or family and head to the local food bank and help sort, hand out, or prepare food for families.


Written By: Aubrey Anzelmo | Seawolf Living