Drew's Reviews: Caffeine for Finals

Hey hey hey! Dead week is here which means a lot of us will be up late trying to save our grades. This week I’ll be putting the C in caffeine by showing you my top caffeinated beverages. This is in no way a paid endorsement by any of these companies, I am just reviewing these beverages based on their taste, caffeine content, and size.

The Undertow

This beverage can be found on the secret menu at any Starbucks location. The Undertow is a subtle treat that is sure to get the people going. It is a high-energy beverage that consists of two shots of espresso poured over a spoon to gently mingle with milk and a couple pumps of the flavor of your choosing. By drinking this quickly the milk chases the two shots of espresso to keep your mouth cool while creating a tasty and memorable beverage. This little treat contains 150-200mg of caffeine and it is sure to get your heart racing. They are a tasty alternative to a coffee, and they are much smaller standing at a miniscule 4-5 oz.

Mountain dew Kickstart

These 16oz gems haven’t been on the market for more than a year, but they definitely have been making a name for themselves. Mountain Dew dropped such a good beverage platform onto the market by mixing juice with caffeine. Crack one of these open for 92-100mg of fruit flavored energy. There are 10 different flavors to cradle your study session.

Red Bull

One of my favorite caffeinated beverages is this 12oz party in a can. The red bull is a timeless study buddy that will keep you motivated in your time of need. Contained in its 12 oz is 111mg of caffeine! These are some great tasting milligrams. The hint of fruit flavoring helps this lightly carbonated drink get you working. Take one of these to the face and get ready for a wild night of knowledge.

Yerba Mate

Look around you. What do you see? If you are around students there is probably a couple of these yellow cans in the room. Guayaki Yerba Mates are an excellent natural source of caffeine to help you “Come to Life” as you get your life together. These beverages have become increasingly popular within the last couple of years due to their natural tea taste and their uplifting 140-160mg of caffeine.Good luck on your finals Seawolves! Make good choices and stay caffeinated!


Written By: Andrew DeSantis | Seawolf Living