Living On Campus: Re-Apply Now!

Attention soon to be sophomores, juniors and seniors! Are you interested in living in one of the deluxe upperclassman suites on campus? Now is the time to apply!

Here’s why you should apply:

Affordable & Luxury Living Options

As upperclassmen, you can come live on campus in our beautiful, state of the art housing for an affordable price! Beaujolais Apartments and Tuscany Townhouses (shown below) offer a luxury living space on campus for an affordable total. There are numerous options between double and single suites!

Access to Campus Life and Events

Living on campus give you access to a variety of affordable meal plans, a walk able distance to classes, and engagement to on campus events! Everything you need to make your upcoming year at Sonoma exceptional is offered by living on campus.

Re-apply now, before it’s too late!

Reapplication Process: February 16-25

Open house: March 2

Room Selection: March 22-24

For more information visit Housing's website.

Written by Aubrey Anzelmo