Career Fair Showcases Local and National Careers

It’s that time of year again. Graduation is in just a few short months and students are beginning to think about specific careers.

In order to get students more prepared for the job world, Sonoma State University put together it’s annual Career Fair. Last Thursday, the ballroom was filled with over 112 employers who came to talk to students about their future jobs and internships.

Starting Feb. 15, Career Services created multiple workshops for students to utilize in preparing for the Career Fair in what was called “Professional Development Week.” These workshops included a resume workshop, how to present yourself to employers, LinkedIn and networking, and “Resumania.”

These opportunities helped students better prepare and present themselves to the companies that came to Sonoma State. It also aided students in bettering their resumes and attitudes for the future. Employers lined up in booths on the third floor ballrooms eager to talk to optimistic students. Snacks, employer cards, brochures, applications, videos and free mousepads were given to students to urge them to get a jump-start on their careers.Dressed in professional attire, many students browsed through the booths looking for employers that interested them.

 “We hope the Professional Development Week better prepared the students and different events, and made them more confident in themselves for the career fair on Thursday,” said Carrie Klaphake, a career advisor.Employers represented varied from the FBI, Tesla Motors, Kohl’s, Lagunita’s Brewing Co. and State Farm. “We hope students leave here with a win-win feeling,” said State Farm employee Lisa Elkins-Reuter. “We want to show the different opportunities, markets, and networks available to the Sonoma State students, and show there is no limit to building a career.”

Whether students were looking for a brief summer internship or to start their future careers, the Career Fair presented many opportunities. “I was nervous about coming here to look for internships, but the friendly and helpful environment made it easy to talk to employers,” said sophomore Hutchins major Stefanie Bautista. “I’m happy to say that I got a lot of information and internship applications from employers today that makes me excited for my future.”
Klaphake emphasized how the programs during Professional Development Week and the Career Fairhelp students get out of comfort zones and connect to employers in the area.
“I’m happy to see all the students here utilizing this event. Our goal today was to close the gap between students and employers and give them experience with networking,” said Klaphake.
The Career Fair gave students an idea of what jobs are available and what companies look interesting. After the homework and lectures are done with, students have the pressure to go and find a real job.However, life after college can be intimidating and exciting, and the Career Fair was able to give students a quick glance as to what’s to come.


Written by: Josie Clements

Posted on: Sonoma State STAR