24-Hour Banking and Vending Machines Are Coming to the Student Center

A 24-hour banking and vending location will soon be added to the Student Center at Sonoma State University, expanding the services and convenience offerings in the building.  Within the next few months, construction will begin on one of the external Student Center storefronts to add three ATMs and food and beverage vending machines.

The ATM offerings will consist of three different types of financial institutions, a national bank (Bank of America), a local bank (Exchange Bank) and a credit union (Redwood Credit Union). .

Food and beverage vending will be similar to the offerings found throughout campus and will feature healthy selections.  Both the food and vending units will accept WolfBucks.

The concept of providing a banking location within the Student Center has been part of the building’s master plan since its inception.  Originally planned to house a physical bank branch, the concept evolved as student feedback illustrated that their need to visit a bank has waned due to technological advances including mobile banking.  With the move to ATMs, sufficient floor space was made available to include food and beverage vending, a request made by many students since the building opened.

The new banking and vending location is currently planned to be open 24/7 except during campus closures. The construction is projected to be complete over the summer and be fully operational for the fall semester.