Furry Friends Extend A Paw To Stressed Out Students

Who doesn’t love dogs? Even better, who doesn’t love puppies? The answer, no one. Anytime there is a dog on Sonoma State University’s campus it’s almost guaranteed there will be students surrounding it. Whether it’s a dog hidden in someone’s dorm before the CSA’s find out, or one of the random Rohnert Park locals walking their dogs through campus, Sonoma State students seem love them all. 

Last Thursday the Student Health and Activities Council (SHAC) held their annual Stress Less Event at the Darwin Quad. SHAC’s goal for the event was to help students de-stress while midterms are in full swing and the eminent graduation date approaches. SHAC had multiple activities available for students to participate in while at the event. 

The most popular of all the events SHAC had to offer were the puppies. Therapy dogs are widely used across the country to help stressed out college students find relaxation in their hectic everyday lives. 

Junior Katelyn Foley was one of the many students to enjoy the benefits of the therapy puppies. “I felt full of happiness, and it definitely took my mind off of a lot of things going on,” said Foley. 

There were about 15 dogs at the event, enough for the roughly 40 students that attended the event. If students wanted to take a break from all the fur, there were a few more activities SHAC provided one of which included bubbles. 

Students at the event were able to build one of the most common forms of stress relief, a stress ball. These stress balls come in handy at any point throughout the day, and are another great tool to relieve stress. The other activity provided was giant board games.

Written By: Rachel McCloskey

Posted On : Sonoma State Star