The Benefits of Having a Summer Internship

Hey Sophomores and Juniors, were talking to you! If you're looking to get ahead and strengthen your resume, then you should definitely read why you should intern this summer!

1. Gain Experience and Skills

By choosing to intern, you're already one step ahead of the rest of your peers! An internship will overall provide you with experience in your field that will help distinguish your resume from others. Although having a degree will help you get hired for the job of your dreams, additionally having experience and skills from completing an internship will boost your chances of getting hired! Employers are looking for students who have the skills and experience to provide either company with the best staff possible.

2. Grow Your Network

Have you heard the saying, "It's all about who you know"? Well, this is true in the business world. As a student intern, you grow your professional network by making connections with your coworkers and employees, who in the future may help you receive your first job.

3. Possibly Earn Course Credit

Some degree programs incorporate work opportunities as a requirement for graduation.  If you're looking to knock off some units while interning, then make sure to consult with your academic department to verify the credit!

4. Boost Your Confidence

You already know that practice makes perfect, so apply yourself to learn and practice as much as possible from your internship. An accumulation of skills will result in a boost of your confidence!

5. Possibly Land A Full Time Job

Research shows that 85 percent of companies use internships and similar experiential education programs to recruit for their full-time workforces. If you are hardworking and show dedication to your internship, who knows, you may be offered a full time position!


Visit Career Services Today!

Visit Career Services Today!

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Written By: Aubrey Anzelmo | Seawolf Living