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Seawolf Living is one of the newest sources of entertainment and knowledge for Sonoma State University students. 

They have a website that is geared towards student needs with different sections like “Lifestyle,” “Events,” “Culinary Services,” “LoboVision,” “Athletics” and “Faces of SSU.” Seawolf Living also sends out emails twice a week detailing what events are going on and have recently come out with a new way to get Sonoma State students attention. 

Seawolf Living now creates videos biweekly that are featured on the Seawolf Living’s Youtube channel, and sent out with the emails. The first video was released two weeks ago titled “Noma Noms Ramen Burger.” Similar to “Tasty” and “Buzzfeed Food”, “Noma Noms” shows students how to make an easy and delicious burger that uses ramen noodles for the buns. The burger is relatively easy and cheap to make, which is ideal for the average college student. 

The second video “Livin’ it up with Aubs: 4/25-5/1” is part of aseries that will be released every week. Similarly to the biweekly emails that are sent out, Aubrey Anzelmo will be discussing events going on during the upcoming week, and how students can get involved in each of the events. 

Videos are becoming a popular way of communication and news, especially on Facebook and Seawolf Living is hoping to follow that example. Anzelmo, the marketing communications coordinator for Seawolf Living is the host of the videos. 

“This process includes script writing, filming and editing the segment, and Photoshop and InDesign edit as well. It takes several hours a week to produce these videos,” said Anzelmo. “We will continue to run various lifestyle and news videos over the summer, however our departments main focus right now is to create content to be displayed at orientation. The videos will also continue into the fall semester too.” 

Senior communication and media studies major, Paolo Ochoa is going to be featured in an upcoming video about Spring Fling. 

“I think eventually the videos will start to attract more students, and get them to know what’s happening on campus. However, since it’s so new for Seawolf Living and for the school, they are starting off very small and a long way to go,” said Ochoa. “At some point they will start to catch on.”

The videos are another great marketing tool for on-campus organizations like JUMP, ASP, and Campus Life Programming. Each week these organizations get their events highlighted not only in the Seawolf Living emails and on their website, but now they are talked about as well.  

The most recent video discussed the ASP events Zen Zone and Open Mic Night, which had special guest Gabe Duran, an ASP director who puts on Open Mic Night and advertises it. The video also told viewers about the ‘May the fourth be with you’ Star Wars screening that took place in the Seawolf Plaza, and the baseball game that happened last Saturday. 

“Our team is comprised of six students, who all together work on the creation and production of our videos, said Anzelmo. “One of our student positions is a video specialist who films and edits our videos.”

 Check out the videos on the Seawolf Living Youtube page, or look out for them in your biweekly emails.

Written By: Rachel McCloskey

Posted On: Sonoma State STAR