Ultimate College Packing List

Move in weekend will be here before you know it! The time has come to start thinking about what to bring to college. We know there's a lot to remember, but don't be overwhelmed! We have created the ultimate college packing list to help you out! Here's some essential do's and don'ts on what to bring!

For a complete list of what to bring to college, click here. 

A few essential items to bring:

  • Twin extra long bedding
  • Pillows
  • Bath towels/rugs
  • Clothing (for all seasons)
  • Hangers
  • Laundry basket
  • Alarm clock
  • First Aid kit
  • Any necessary medications
  • School supplies
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Kitchen supplies (for apartment residents)
  • Home decor

Some things you should leave at home:

  • Pets
  • Weapons
  • Fire Hazards
  • Drugs and Paraphernalia
  • Large Furniture

Written By: Aubrey Anzelmo | Seawolf Living