Tips for Living with Roommates

The countdown to the start of the fall semester has begun! A new year means new roommates, so here are a few tips on how to live with them!

1. Get in contact over the summer

Housing assignments are sent in mid-July, so make sure to get in contact with your roommates ASAP! Get to know each other by creating a group chat or message.

2. Plan for the Fall

Once you are in contact you can plan who will bring a TV, a coffee pot, or even plan to have coordinating themes for your room décor!

3. Respect your roommate

Respect is key in maintaining a good relationship with your new roomie. If they ask you to not touch something, don't.

4. Make roomie rituals

 A great way to bond with your new roommates is to bond over your similarities. If you all like the same show, grab some snacks and watch it together every week! Or decide to make tacos every Tuesday night. Make it a tradition you can't miss!

5. If needed, make a chore list

Sometimes making a chart to ensure that everyone is cleaning up after themselves helps to keep things organized. Sit down and discuss together how everyone can contribute in cleaning up.

6. Keep good communication

For example if you are planning on having guests over, make sure to check with everyone that it's okay! Communication is key in any relationship!


Written By: Aubrey Anzelmo | Seawolf Living