Just SSU Things

Okay, so everyone knows Sonoma State is a pretty awesome place to go to school. We live in beautiful Sonoma County, the people are friendly, and there's always something to do or see on the weekends. However, we do have a few things that make us pretty special that no other school can compare to.

We have seriously amazing housing!

SSU's campus housing was nationally recognized for "Dorms like Palaces" in the Princeton Review. Our dorms go above and beyond the typical college dorm, making students immediately feel like they are at home. Imagine sharing one bathroom with every person down the hallway...yuck! Sonoma's suite style housing definitely makes for a luxury lifestyle.

How cool is our mascot?

Did you know our mascot originated from the Jack London novel? This mythological creature has been our mascot since the school was founded 1960.

Remember that time we flooded during finals week?

Only the upperclassman students will remember, but back in 2014 we received a huge storm during finals week. There was so much rain that basically all of Rohnert Park flooded, including our campus. It was so bad that the University had to close for a few days for safety precautions and to restore damage.  A few lucky classes had finals during these days, and they were either rescheduled or cancelled.

You can fish on campus!

Grab your fishing gear and your student ID, cause you can indeed fish in the lakes on campus! Watch out though, there are turtles and geese that like to hang out by the lake.

We have the Anne Frank Tree!

Sonoma State was selected to host a sapling from the Anne Frank Tree, which originally was located behind the secret Annex where Anne and her family hid from the Nazis from 1942-1944. The tree is now planted in the special and dedicated area of the Holocaust Grove located on campus. To learn more about why SSU was chosen or for more information on the Memorial Grove, click here.

The lovely Sonoma Aroma!

Anyone that doesn't go to Sonoma cant possibly understand what students mean when speaking about the "Sonoma Aroma". It's like basically an inside and mutual understanding of the smell of the Sonoma County area.

We have a statue of bacon in the middle of our campus!

Cause who doesn't love bacon, right? One of our very own students' created this masterpiece. Walter "Spike" Benson never intended for the statue to look like bacon, but students adapted the name over time. For more information on the unique art click here.

Leprechaun's Live in a Secret Garden!

The Leprechaun Garden, just north of Stevenson Hall is dedicated to Patrick LaMarca, class of '95 who passed away after a bout with cancer. Patrick was a beloved student who was liked and respected by his peers, professors, and coworkers, with whom he worked on campus.


Written By: Aubrey Anzelmo | Seawolf Living