The Kitchens: What to Expect

Welcome to your guide to The Kitchens, the elite dining facility on campus. The Kitchens offers many options for students or faculty with a meal plan. Here is everything you need to know about the different food stations:


Slice specializes in savory and sweet pizzas as well as pasta.

Chef's Demonstration Kitchen

Chef’s serves classic and delicious meals you can learn to cook yourself! Chef’s helps students with the transition from eating at home to learning how to cook for themselves on campus!


Flame is one of two grill sections, featuring scrumptious burgers, with a wide variety of exciting new recipes to wow your taste buds!


Etcetera features 'everything else'! Visit this area for breakfast pastries, soups, delicious desserts and more!


Kitchens_ Garden.png

Garden is salad shop that features local ingredients whenever possible, offering you an eco-friendly, healthy, and fresh meal option!


Sizzle's menu alternates between a Mongolian style BBQ, where you can create your own stir-fry and a Street Taco stand with all you would expect from your favorite food truck.  The Brunch menu includes a Breakfast Burrito Bar.


Passport features cuisine from all over the world!