Prepare Yourselves: It's PSL Season

Well ladies and gentlemen, it's officially that time of the year. Prepare yourselves for pumpkin spice everything! Let's not confuse our seasons though with the release of the PSL (it's not actually fall yet people 😆 ).

McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts both released their pumpkin spice lattes earlier this week (yes it was still indeed August), which unleashed the start off the pumpkin spice craze.

Starbucks today announced the return of the pumpkin spice latte, which will officially hit the stores September 6th. However, if you are dying for a PSL and can't wait until the 6th to get one, you must request a PSL Early Access Fan Pass. So all you PSL lovers, get your pass to unlock your drink today! 😍

And finally Sip (the coffee shop located in the Student Center) will also be joining the madness and selling the PSL starting September 6th.

Quote of the Day goes to Beth Kowwit from Fortune who asked "pumpkins are a fall thing so why are we eating a squash product in the summer?" That's a great question Beth 😆 Let us know your thoughts!

To all PSL lovers, enjoy!

Written By: Aubrey Anzelmo | Seawolf Living