Save Dat Money: How to Budget in College

Looking back, living at home was seriously the best. Don't you miss coming home to a fridge full of food? Now that we are in college we are forced to worry about paying for textbooks, tuition, groceries and so many more "adulting" problems. Here's a guide to "Save Dat Money". 

1. Create a Budget Planner

Ugh yes, it sounds horrendous but creating a planner can help cut down impulsive spending. I recommend using the app "Mint". It's a free app that imports data from your bank account and shows you how you spent your money using graphs and pie charts. There are also weekly summary reports that show you where your money went during the week. 

2. Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Everyone knows college students are broke as a joke, so take advantage of this! So many restaurants and shops offer college discounts so whip out that ID card.  Click here to read about 36 stores with student discounts!

3. Find the Best Deals on Textbooks

Textbooks are killer, they cost an arm and a leg. Find the best deal by doing a little extra research! I always rent used textbooks to save extra money. Don't forget new this year the University Bookstore offers price matching!

4. Shop for Items on Sale

If shopping is a must (it is for me) then look for items on sale! This applies for clothing, furniture, even food! Save yourself a few dollars and search for the sale.

5. Skip Out on Impulse Buying

If you're serious about saving money, learn to cut out your unnecessary buying habits. I know you may love getting your nails done, pay per view TV, or online shopping but you need to cut it.

6. Cook for Yourself

Buying a daily coffee or lunch will drain your bank account. Buy your own food and coffee at the grocery store to save money! It's cheaper to make your own food then to eat out or have it delivered. Yes sadly this means cutting Domino's out of your life.


Let us know your money saving tips by commenting below!

Written By: Aubrey Anzelmo | Seawolf Living