13 Thoughts You Have During the Start of the Semester

Well we are officially three weeks into the semester, unfortunately. It doesn't matter if you are a freshman or a senior, we guarantee you had these thoughts sometime in the past few weeks of class. Take a break from not paying attention in class to reflect on the semester so far. Enjoy.

1. That moment you walk into a classroom and desperately search for a seat in the back. 

2. Walking into class and realizing you have a friend and there's a seat open next to them but you already sat down.. 

3. But now its too awkward to move seats so you awkwardly wave across the classroom.

4. You have a moment of panic thinking you walked into the wrong classroom.

5. The teacher asked you to do ice breakers..

6. Group projects??

7. That moment you realize it's week 3 and you still don't have the textbook.

8. Or a parking pass.

9. Looking at your bank account after finally getting your textbooks and parking pass like..

10. Is it too early in the semester to skip class?

11. Did the teacher just say we have a paper due next week?

12. Stressing that every single one of your classmates probably has his or her life a lot more together than you do.

13. "This semester I will absolutely get my life together!" You tell yourself... every semester.

Written By: Aubrey Anzelmo | Seawolf Living